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in for late term abortions. it happened in elkton. the doctor began an abortion procedure in new jersey on a woman who was 33 weeks into her pregnancy, he instructed her to drive to elkton. the fetus was removed. the fetus had down syndrome and otherwise viable. and the prosecutors want the license revoked of the man. >> a soldier from maryland was killed in a helicopter crash. the 29-year-old was one of nine personal who died in the crash tuesday. he was a former navy seal. >>> the president used his second address to ask the world to back the mideast peace process. as we report from wjz-13, he also took a shot at iran. >> reporter: president obama is requesting world leaders get behind the middle east peace process. >> this time, it will be different. we won't let terror or politics stand in the way. >> reporter: as the u.s. leads fragile negotiations for two states living side by side in peace, the international community must do its part. >> many are friends of the palestinians. these pledges must be supported by deeds. >> reporter: president obama called on arab states to step up a
in oakland and 74 in ocean city and 72 in elkton and hagerstown. everyone in the low to mid-70s winds are substantial. the cold front that moved through yesterday, it's providing the low and high pressure building in. it's the pressure between the systems creating the wind we've seen around the region. 18 miles per hour winds around elkton. the double digit winds have been with us throughout the last few days. the remnants of hermine didn't get picked up by the cold front yesterday. we've had no real rain and we don't expect to get much of anything until sunday until we have the next chance of showers. we'll have the low pressure from the west and warm air lifting in by the end of the weekend. and we'll have a chance of a thunderstorm by sunday afternoon and into the evening. until then, we'll have a dry stretch. this is igor. after the 11:00 update, igor is south of the cape verde islands. expect it to move at 6 miles per hour. eventually, it will turn into a category one or two hurricane. it's still about a week to a week and a half out of really land impact. and sunset at 7:24 and
evidence in this particular case. >> on main street in elkton, most folks know the lawyers and family doctors. but few knew much aaout this unmarked abortion clinic. until now. >> i was shocked. i wonder how many underage victims have been involved. >> police saa their probe began when a man and woman dressed in hospital scrubs showed up at the er of union hospital. >> a injured female brought into the hospital in a private vehicle by two doctors. she had injjries unknown to them. >> police learned the 18-year-old woman had initially sought an abortion in vorhees3 new jersey but the doctor had theewoman transported by car to cecil county to complete the procedure. but her complications were so bad. that she had to be airlifted to3 johns hopkins hospital. >> this investigation had only begun. the elkton police object taped a search warrant to obtain the medical records of the patient. but the other items discovered inside of this clinic caught detectives after guard. >> during our search, we found a chest freezer that was filled with fetuses, some thht appeared to be full ttrm. >> as a
just moved through the baltimore region very, very quickly. it's now over toward the elkton area. it will move into delaware very, very shortly. just east of the baltimore region. east to north east that one cell back to chestertown up toward elkton and port deposit and could have wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour as it moves quickly into the delaware area. farther west, lighter shower activity around the baltimore metro. also to the west just spotty light rain areas with a few pockets of moderate showers. later tonight, you may get another thunder shower threat with a front coming through. south of us it's been sunny and very, very warm. temperatures got close to 90 in a couple of spots. that's helping to feed the cells right now. take a look at temperatures around the baltimore metro. airport just dropped to 82. west wind's at 10, the barometer's falling. 90 in pax river with sunshine. where the rain has hit, down to 62, 59 and 59. so things will really cool off as soon as the rain moves in. now we have a bit of a west wind later tonight goes west- northwest and drier, cool a
in the clear. >>> i'm suzanne collins in elkton. some doctors working at this clinic have suddenly had their license to practice in maryland suspended. i'll explain. how it involves an abortion. and a young woman being raised from here to a nearby hospital. that's coming up next. >>> i'm mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. at loyola university, maryland. the first day for freshmen, moving into the dorms. opening day jitters when eyewitness news continues. - friend: yeah? car owner: and this is what he had in my budget. friend: oh well, the top is down! car owner: the top is gone! friend: yeah, there's lot's of head-room! car owner: tons of head-room! careful! friend: ow! car owner: that's sharp. friend: cheese! car owner: yeah. sorry. carmax spokesperson: settling for less is not smart. what is smart is getting more car for your money at carmax. guaranteed quality used cars can cost a lot less than new cars, so you can get more car for less money by shopping at carmax. now more than ever the smart choice is carmax. >>> 5:29. 87 degrees and sunny in the baltimore region, where we have not
tomorrow. 88, 85. 90 in d.c. and ocean city. 89 in elkton. this is probably one of the last reports that earl is a hurricane. later tonight, it should downgrade to a tropical storm. winds just above hurricane force. toward eastern canada. it will pass pretty close to nantucket. and eastern cape cod. for us, the clouds are moved out for the most part. looks like a great-looking weekend. as that storm moves away. dryer air coming in behind it. that's why it got so warm west of the bay with the bright sunshine. and the front coming from the west. going to bring us much cooler air and dryer air. beautiful weekend right now. ocean city has winds out of the west. only at 13. and cumberland, with that front. the winds west at 25. right here. winds are dead calm. we all start to see west breezes picking up. and tomorrow, with the front going through the area. it will be a beautiful, breezy afternoon. a lot sunshine. just a few clouds around. the chilly air coming in aloft will react with the heating on the ground and the sun. and a few pop-up clouds in the afternoon. you can see the bulk of
strong storms around the elkton area that's moved into the delaware and jersey. another batch from galina to rock hall with lightning and thunder moving quickly off to the northeast around 45 miles per hour from the city south with just light showers a little heavier east of annapolis. from the city on west to northwest, pockets of light rain. it looks like this will continue throughout the evening hours. maybe even a shot at a thunder shower. >>> still ahead on wjz "eyewitness news" at 5:00, tense moments at one of the nation's most prominent hospitals. a gunman upset about the care his mother is getting shoots a johns hopkins doctor. >>> open to the public, his lawyers asked for closed trial. the decision by a judge in the case for the alleged for the hood shooter. >>> i'm suzanne colins in sparrows point. at one time this steel mill employed 33,000 people. now it's down to 2,000. i'll tell you why some of those jobs are now in jeopardy. that's coming up next. >>> storms over maryland. the updated first warning forecast with bob. ,,,,,,,, - friend: yeah? car owner: and this is what
of the biggest events ever to come to elkton. it's at the elkton chamber and alliance hosting the firefighter combat challenge along with elkton's fall fest. they are coming from all over the country and canada for this. for more information go to the elkton fall fest. it is great, tomorrow and saturday. >> i don't know if you remember the hurd family. they live in bel air and their daughter was killed in an accident in florida. a truck driver was texting and hit her. her father has been really instrumental in getting texting illegal in maryland. >> a way to get married. >> another way to plan her wedding. parents were visiting. it's an annual run and walk, 5k in honor of not just heather but other people who have been killed on america's highways unnecessarily by stupid mistakes like texting while driving. if you would like to get involved they are a great family. it's a great community and it benefits a scholarship. harford community. >> if you have an event you'd like to see here on good morning maryland at 9:00 email us your event, your idea and your charity and we'll put it on it for you
degrees downtown and the dew point of 50 and 71 elkton and 70 westminster and 70s in frederick and 70 in minneapolis and 70 on kent island. almost 80 in district. that's skewed by the urban island of the district of columbia. we're getting dry again and now, we're seeing the special weather statements. this is going to be the precursor for the red flag warnings for the dry conditions of the upper eastern shore of delaware and south jersey. there's moisture trying to stream our way. let's say tomorrow and late afternoon and tomorrow night and into friday morning. we're on the southern edge of the good rain showers. i'm not too sure we'll get the moisture. come on back here, we'll watch this if we get the rain. we'll watch and see if we can stave off the red flag warnings. en we'll watch the beautiful and dry weekend. bernadette woods and tim williams are off this day. i'll handle the duties in the first warning weather center. that's coming up shortly. >>> marty, thank you. we're two weeks into the school year and salt lake city -- vacancies remain. some teachers still hadn't received
skies. since august 25th, we've had no rain. a couple of showers this day between baltimore and elkton. otherwise, we're bone dry and taking a look at the graphic now. yesterday, we had a red flag advisory for the upper eastern shore and jersey. look at the red flag advisory now through western maryland with the acception being essentially down the 50 corridor. on the special weather statement, it says we're going to change your status over the next 24 hours. there is no rain in the five- day forecast. hermine isn't able to get out of the west and the plain states, if you will and bring the moisture east to attach along, well, this cold front. as far as rain goes, all though the weather will be beautiful, we'll be out of luck for the next five days. be careful, one flick of a cigarette and we could have brush fires. and if we have enough brush fires, we're in the same situation colorado is in now. while we've had fine weather, we're on thin ice, if you will. bernadette woods, we'll talk about how nice it's going to be and we'll have the five-day forecast and now, we'll throw it back in
or turkey sausage. >>> the barometer is at 30 7. 54 in cumberland, big range temperatures. 59 elkton. almost 70 in d.c. 71 down at the ocean. 63 in easton. bel air pretty much the same numbers as yesterday. in annapolis it's eight warmer, same deem kent island. both locations 61. 64 in rock hall. here's that 65 downtown. so a few clouds will start meandering. cloudiness and as the cold front moves our way it may kick off a couple showers. there's no guarantee. when you look at graphic, you see we're barely into the moisture. it will be steady rain from central pa. one of those deals. we do need some rain. it's very, very dry. 86 will be the high. if we don't see a shower tonight clouds break up with a low of 64. you're not going to see any over the five days. 80 going to be the forecast high tomorrow. 80 on saturday. 82 sunday. 78 monday. it's going to be an absolutely gorgeous weekend. these are great weekends to go down to the ocean. now we're going to start checking out hurricane igor. it's going to -- if are a going down to the boche pay attention -- beach, pay attention. julia has weake
's a warm start to the day. we're ranging everything in 69 in baltimore and 63 in elkton and 63 in westminster and bel air. as we head into the afternoon, we're going up into the upper 70s. not warming up all that much. that's because a cold front overnight. the thing is, warm ore air will be returning and taking over later on this week. >>> we have the rush for you now in traffic control. >> not much to get in your way. we'll take it for a monday morning. just one accident working in glenn bernie. in, watch for it on crane highway and oak manner drive. that's involving a motorcycle and there's the speeds and the drivetimes. the westside outer lupe is problem free with the 54 miles per hour speeds. taking a live look outside. that's a look outside at 95 in and out of the fort mchenry tunnels. we're running problem free. 795. there's the same and 95 and 395. remember, wjz-13 is always on, for traffic information any time. go to back to you, don. >>> thank you, we have three school advisories for you this morning. cheek peek high school and middle and folger are all close
and winds are calm. ocean city at 61 and 61 hagerstown and 59 elkton and easton. mid-60s pax river and naval air and d.c.. and westminster at 59 and 57 columbia and bel air. 61 degrees in rock hall. clear skies and a few passing fair weather clouds and no showers in the forecast. really, for the next five days. if we have rain, it will be moving our way. sunny, a high of 80 degrees and tonight, clouds around and 52 as the low and tomorrow, mixed clouds and sun and we'll go for a high around 80 degrees. the mid-to upper 70s thursday and friday. low to mid-80s saturday and sunday. igor is a category 4 and the computer makes it a northerly swing. it's projecting it to diminish by a category 2 sunday. right now, the most mediate is the swell from the east coast. still expected to stay in the center of the country. and still your crossty -- curiosity, not a concern. >>> well, thank you, don. we have some delays to watch out for on the mark train. it's still running 20 minutes behind. we'll take a look at the map there and moving well in both directions. 67 miles per hour average as you can see th
on purpose is under investigation, this one in elkton. it took place at the u.s.a. sports club. the fire was started early friday morning. l automatic sprinklers were activated and put the fire out. no injuries were reported. >> in "commitment 2010" report this morning, the strength of political challengers in the race in baltimore. more from the news room. >> new reports show bob ehrlich has out-raised governor martin o'malley by a margin of 2-1. $725,000 in donations for ehrlich, about $300,000 in donations for o'malley. and challenger greg bernstein continues his surge to out budget pat jessamy. >> challenger greg bernstein continues to pull in pl voters. the report shows he has raised more than 17,000 in 19 days from august 10 through the 29th. most of the donations, according to the bernstein campaign, less than $100 each. that leaves him cash on hand, a comfortable push leading up to the election. pat jessamy has pulled in $28,244 over the same 19-day period. the new report also shows $100,000 loan to the jessamy campaign that's apparently the loan we reported wednesday. a personal
have tied it. today is not the date to do that. easton, 55. 53 at the board. 55 in elkton. edgewood, 61. 52 in frederick. 46, frostburg. some chilly temperatures out in the mountains to the west. here is the big area of high pressure. you can see the clouds and they will go up and over this thing. we're expecting some drier weather today. we could see some clouds here and there. as we get on the west side of it, that will allow a the law more humidity and warmer temperatures to eventually slide into the area. mostly sunny and pleasant today. 81 to 85. south southeast wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour. northeast winds southerly at 5 to 10 knots. over the next seven days, closed at 90 on tuesday. that is a mistake. i will have to fix that. it will be partly cloudy day on tuesday and a slight chance for a shower on wednesday. 90 will be the high. temperatures back off or a little bit. better chance for some rain over the weekend, especially on sunday. at that, it will be scattered. >> thank you. a girl is dead and six others injured after a gunman opened fire at a party at the los angeles sub
in easton and 74 at pax river and d.c.. st. mary's county checking in around 72 degrees and 69 in elkton and 64 in cumberland where the winds are coming from the west. the heavier winds are around the metro and heading down on the shore towards easton. the light winds everywhere else for the most part and we have an 8 miles per hour wind in washington county. here's what we're dealing with. we had a front coming through yesterday evening. earl was moving away. and earl's spin and the rotation is moving into the canadian maritime in nova scotia 2 miles east of nantucket. it's moving well up into canada and the high pressure is building in and the front that came through that's continuing to push earl into the north east cleared out the moisture we had around. and earl, a tropical storm with the winds that we had as with the 5:00 update. it's moving to the north east at 30 miles per hour. it's really booking and it's moving up quickly. it will be out of the area soon. we'll have about one more tropical storm and one more update from the national hurricane center at about 11:00. that will d
harbor, 64 at elkton. breezy day but now we're looking good. clouds beginning to creep in after a crystal clear day, but now as we zoom it out a wider perspective you can see those storms firing up pretty good toward missouri. the problem with this particular storm, we'd like to see rain tomorrow night. we have about a 50% chance of some showers, but the air out ahead of this thing still very, very dry. as this storm approaches out of the west as we've seen with the last couple of rounds, this thing can begin to fizzle out. this is 5:00 and you see it's impressive looking storm tracking north of us, and then as we work forward into late thursday night, rain knocking on the door of western maryland and then kind of hits that dry air, may not get that much rain in your overnight tomorrow night but get fingers crossed we get some much needed showers. the chance for a hit or miss shower early friday and then i think it's going to be partly cloudy right into the weekend. hurricane alley super hot, hurricane julie and igor, both at one point category 4 storms, first time that's happened since 1
in norrisville and elkton. we stretch down the eastern shore, northeast and centreville, actually at 63 degrees. i know northeast isn't officially on the eastern shore, they're kind of there. tucked in the north corner of the chesapeake. five sweeps of maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we're aiming for increasing clouds in our two-degree guaranteed high in the lower 70s, the official forecast from the storm enter here is 73. i'm going for the lower limit of that at 71 and then showers arriving by mid-afternoon through this evening, spreading from south to north. let's see what's happening on the roads right now, here's kim brown. >> traffic-wise, we're off to a smooth start this morning, we don't have reports of accidents and hardly any delays out there on the roadways this morning, as we look at our drive times. you'll see moderate volume, six minutes from 70 to 95. four-minute ride between white marsh boulevard and the beltway. six minutes from the split towards 295. only one thing working in brooklyn park. utility incident blocks the right lane and shoulder on the southbound side of ri
's ready here at the pipes bill elkton would have celebrated many 8 victory. -- at the pikesville hilton where he has celebrated many a victory. bartenfelder is backed by police and fire. kamenetz prids himself on a well-run operation. he comepares this to good football. >> you do not just go in there and say, hey, i can do this." you have to have the qualifications. >> farm joe voted earlier today. he was appearing casual and comfortable on this critical day. >> i feel i am the right person for the job. it is time for them to cast their vote and aside. i have confidence that they will make the right decision. the voters in baltimore county are intelligent. >> this speaks to the geographic diversity of the county. two democrats with very different styles. >> here is the bottom line. one of them will not be out in an intersection tomorrow. both are hoping it is the other guy, both hoping to make it through november. live, devereaux wiener, wbal-tv 11 news. >> another highly contested race is city state's attorney. jessamy ispatricia o against the bernstein. david has the latest for us. >
, 77 in oakland. 82 in cumberland. 81 in elkton. and 79 on the shore, where the winds have been just around 21 miles per hour. and again, that wind down around the shore, still coming in a bit from the east and northeast. so what we're seeing here is just a bit of a variation. calmer winds, the farther inland you go. and down around pax vifer river, still 13 mile-mile-per- hour winds. but again, look at the direction. we talked about a bit of a buildup on the water west of the bay. winds have shifted, coming in now from the north. and they're pushing that water on out of the bay. now, cooler air is moving in here. we probably will struggle. come out until really late. cooler air just in time for labor day. we'll look for less and less cloud cover. but for today, we're going to be around 88 degrees. maybe some areas south of the metro will get up around 90. but patchy clouds tonight, 69 degrees. and 82, partial sunshine and less humid. for your labor day saturday. marty is going to have the five- day forecast coming up. but as he already alluded to, it's going to be a gorgeous worn. -
in elkton. already around 55, 5 degrees, it won't take a whole lot with these high winds. the temperatures have really plunged. during the morning hours, it's going to be a chilly start. it'll warm up in afternoon. in the morning, it's going to be very cool but it didn't. pretty amazing picture at this h point. now on our part of the world, our kwraoef our big pressure. i'm going to convince this rom day, hopefully it's every. >> the wind fight clock wide. the wince are out of the north west southwest and that's where the warm air will be moving congress a from warm up. thursday, friday and sunday, one of those days. pretty close, might bring us some showers at the time. just seethe southeast of newton. they cleared out this morning. they still have wind at 75. moving north east at almost 30 miles per hour -l and new tropical depression before themes but it's blames to the north. julia dying out as it moving into the cold waet -r. so that interest on those. 10 to 15 knots. tonight clear and cool and length of time aos, senny beautiful in the afternoon. high of about 33. the next ty day a b
. >> the kingpin of a violent drug ring..3 he is 26 years ood stephen ú%ackwell f elkton. blackwell and two other women, tara carter and joo edison are facing a federal charge of conspiracyyto distribute heroin. now accooding toothe indiccment, federal prosecutors want to the trio. million in money from ú% they can't cough up the cash, prosecutors will seize real estate which could nclude a -4,700,000 home blackwell owns on thh elk river.3 >> if we donnt do that, we winn defendant may serve time in prison, come back home, and in tte meantime he has a milliondoe nameeof his mother, father, sister or ccildren. >> reporter: the operation began in 2003 and stretched frrm baltimore to new york and the dominican reppblic. prosecutors call it a violent operation with one of many acts3 linked to blackwell in 2009 when ú%val dealers opened fire at a backyaad barbeque injuring 12 people including blackwell he intended target. guests and neighbors at the time took cover.ú >> it was bad, man. it was badd everythiig when i came up all ú%e pooice were out there. >> reporter: blackwell is3 locked up in
the doctors involved, they got a warrant to search the clinic attmain streee in elkton.3 ttere they made made a gruesooe discovery. >> we found a chest reezer that was full with fetuses, some that appeared to be full term. -ecured the state freezer and tookkit to the medical examiner for further investigation. >> as a result, dr. brigham was issued a ceaae and desist order toostopppracticing. other doctors are goong to go in today to try to get their licenses renewed and get hem back. as far as the criminal charges, the cecil county state attorney's office will determine thht. megan gilliland. fox 45 early edition. >>> a woman is founn dead and a a fire in howard county, butter police are saying it may not have been thhefire that killed the woman. theefiie at an aaartment -uilding on major's lane in coluubia broke out after the two people were alreedy injured. the woman was found deaddwhen police arrived on the scene. the man was flown to shock trauma where he ii in stable conddtion this morning. police are now innestigattng the incident as a d domestic dispute >>> what we believe at thii t
to when police got little3 involved, they obtained a search -arrant to search the clinic in elkton. inside they found a freezer that was filled with fetusessthat appeared to be full term aa sparked outtage from thee3 community and its leaders..3 >> this is absolutely horrendous that could be going on here on main street. >> reporter: as a result, dr. brigham was issued a cease ú%d desisttorddrpor practicing medicine.%two other doctors whoe involved in thht abortion have had their licenses suspended. they are dr. nicola riley and thh dr. separateit, those are the two doctorr that are going to be fighting for their licenses today. ww are told that the cecil state attorney's office will be ú%termmninggthat. reporting live northwest baltimore, i'm megan giililand. fox 45 morning arl edition. ú%>>it happened after midnight near cold born road. officers say they found a man shot in the head..3 therr's no wwrd on a suspect or3 motive in the shooting. >>> an iimate is on the loose this morning after escaping fro3 baltimore city. this is 26 years old wiiliam lucas. authorities say he was being
're working a couple things, an incident in elkton, elk mills road and appleton road closed at this time. keep that in mind. avoid that area. same thing up in monkton, phoenix area too. old york road still closed at glen berry court because of downed wires in the intersection blocking that. you can use jaretville pike. no major delays around the beltway or on the 95 corridor. megan and jamie? >> coming up on good morning america, the story of a man tased three times in his own living room after he refused to go with police. the man is now suing the sheriff's office and of course the whole thing was caught on tape. >> we'll find out who is nominated for a cma award. lady antebellum will be nominated. >> thanks for joining us this morning. i spent my childhood in the summertime with my grandparents up at their farm, and that's where i learned all about vegetables -- when they're ready to be picked and the best time and season to eat them. nothing beats the taste of fruits and vegetables in the summer. that's why at giant, you'll find farm-stand quality fruits and vegetables at prices you'll love
degrees. right now, 80, 78, elkton. ocean city, kind of cool at 76. and hot spot has been really warm. cumberland, 88 degrees. tomorrow, no doubt you'll get to 90 degrees. most will be warmer than this afternoon. 54 in elkton. cumberland, 45. 45 to 88 in one afternoon. that's a big spread. 56 in ocean city this morning at the airport. and 60 over in washington. so big changes. southeast winds right now. tomorrow, a little more to the southwest. that will bring in some warmer air that's beginning to build just out here. so temperatures here today in the mid- to upper 80s. it's not all that humid. but that will be increasing our temperature over the next 24 to 48 hours. to our northwest. low pressure will drag a cold front through here. maybe. and boy, do we need it right now. maybe a shower or thundershower wednesday. behind it, it will turn cooler for the end of the week. and there's hermine, entering south duchess this evening. of course rain down there. and maybe gusty winds as well. maybe close to hurricane force. we could see some damage in extreme southwest. clouds to the north w
this morning. this one in elkton. it happened at the u.s.a. sports club at pulaski highway. automatic sprinklers activated and put it out. no injuries were reported. >> baltimore city police are investigating a soting that happened in west baltimore. police were called to the 2000 street of bake -- block of bakers street last night. a man was shot in the head and neck. homicide detectives were called to the scene due to the serious nature of the shooting. >> baltimore's primary election is underway. the primary is 10 days away, but you can vote early at polling places around the state. polling places stay open for the next seven days with the exception of sunday. for more information on how the polling places work, go to and click on "politics." >> the baltimore county antiques show is on. it features a monet painting worth $5.8 million. the exhibit runs through sunday. stay with us. we'll check your forecast when >> good morning. beautiful morning this morning. lots of sunshine. what's left of earl now a tropical storming -- storm pulling away from new england. a few s
. and we're getting fog and barometer at 30.03. and 59 oakland and the low 60s elkton and downtown and pax river and ocean city. 57 in easton. 61 columbia, rock hall and annapolis and kent island. the high pressure runs our weather and it will be a beautiful, beautiful five-day forecast and no problems at all. and that adds more significance to the rain we had saturday and sunday morning and then, the gray, damp day we had yesterday. otherwise, there's no rain in the forecast. 81-degrees is the high and it will be gorgeous and dry 58 is the low and tomorrow, 89 degrees and sunny and pleasant. that cool, damp day may have staved off a lot of problems. friday, sunny and 82 and friday, saturday, and 80 degrees. we have a category storm out there and it's an inch away from becoming katrina. the moving will slow i. look, by friday and saturday, way in the center of the ocean and a lot of variables coming into play that will keep igor out to see. we have to watch this one closely. on his hind quarter is julia. it's expected to be a category 1 and it will be in the center of the ocean. i want to
wind at 8 miles per hour and we have 46 in oakland and 59 on the shore and 57 in elkton. those are the points around the state and we have an average of the 50s areawide and we'll go up to the 70s. a west wind at 8 miles per hour blowing across central maryland and heavier winds towards pax river and 12 miles per hour winds and that's closer to where we all level out with the low pressure offshore in new england and high pressure building in. we have a bit of wind out there that will stay throughout the rest of the week. tonight, a bit breezy and tomorrow, breezy and not as windy as yesterday. we missed out on the moisture from hermine. it didn't pick up the moisture with the warm front coming through sunday. until then, we'll have a delightful stretch of weather. igor is the 9th named storm of the season, it's 70 miles south of the cape verde islands. it's stationary and we'll keep you posted on the storm. it's two weeks away from making any movements towards the mainland, u.s.. your sunset at 7:25 and small craft advisory throughout tomorrow afternoon and winds on the way at
winds and the barometer at 30.11. 55 downtown and 56 elkton and 59 degrees in pax river and naval air and 57-degrees in ocean city and 60 degrees hagerstown and 56 oakland and 57 westminster. and 61 rock hall, down to 60 on kent island and annapolis. here's the huge dome of high pressure. next shot of clouds and showers will be thursday night into friday. and a few showers in the forecast. we're going to have a cold front moving throughout the area and that's the cause of a tiny bit of rain. 80 the high this day and sunshine and passing fair weather clouds and high clouds. 56 is the low and tomorrow, 86, breezy and warm and increasingly cloudy skies and here's the cold front. 80 friday and saturday, beautiful. sunday and monday, 82 and 78 degrees. got to go to the tropics. and now, we're going to make, according to the computer models, a move north and staying offshore. we have one category 4 storm and julia. julia exploded overnight. when's the last time we've had two category 2 storms. fortunately, this track will do the same. she'll make a decided move north and stay offshore and n
degrees. 57 elkton. parkton down to 54. 52 at frederick. 49 at mchenry out in far western maryland in garet county -- garrett county. look at all this fair weather out west. there is a storm system in the dakotas. again, that's so far north and so far away, it is not going to affect our weather for a couple days. high pressure. this is what the map will look like during the day today and in the evening hours. temperatures on the cool side of normal. 82 would be a typical high, and i'm not sure we'll get that far today. out in the tropics we do have what's left of gsaton. it lost its strength but may recharge its batteries and get into the caribbean. that will take a number of days if it occurs. our forecast, subpoenay and pleasant -- sunny and pleasant. the insta-weather plus forecast 83 tomorrow, sunny skies. then up to 90. hot. humidity up tuesday. wednesday hot and humid. 92 the high. a cold front comes in. maybe an isolated shower. not a big chance for that. if your lawn needs water, don't depend on this. then temperatures drop off the rest of the week. >> many americans are tu
to drive herself to elkton where the fetus was then removed fetus had down syndrome and was otherwise viable. >>> a white supremacist who calls himself hitly agreed to a decade's long prison term. he is accused of beating an elderly african american man. good morning, andrea fujii. >> reporter: he admitted to the police that the peating occurred because the fisherman was black. >> reporter: he and his wife were fish anything august 2009 at the park when prosecutors say that lockner approached. he asked if they had cigarettes or water and they said no. >> reporter: they walked to their car and tried to leave and the prosecutors say he tried to attack. >> lockner said that this wouldn't have happened if the victim was a white man. >> he was crying and blood was everywhere and he said that the boys came from behind and the boys beat him and took his truck. >> reporter: lockner is a member of a white supremacist group. and he pleaded guilty. >> it's safe to say, this is a plea agreement we feel good about. we'll get this person off of the streets for 31 years. >> >> reporter: on monday, h
city and elkton, 55 and easton, 51 and hagerstown, 45 degrees. 55 degrees in oakland. and westminster and bel air, 52 and low 60s and rock hall, mid- 60s. 63 in d.c.. high pressure running the weather and don't worry about the great lakes. that's not going to bother you. there's a push of warm air you'll notice and i want you to pay attention to the cold front to the west. it will come here midweek and change the weather back to pleasant, cooler conditions. and sunny, beautiful and 86 degrees the high this day and clear, 60 is the overnight low and we'll ramp it up to 89 degrees. here's the dry passage and saturday, sunny and 84 degrees. now, it's time for the best five minutes of television in the united states of america. it's a manic monday in fells point. ♪ just another manic monday, wish it was sunday, that's my fun day ♪ >> all right, got two huge raven's fans in the studio, by the way, we'll be at the field house in canton on football talk. it's where the old ray's barbecue was and you'll be there. >> monday night. it's a great place to watch a game. i've been told i may be
at temperatures around the region, close to where we should be, 76 here, 77 elkton and ocean city and the coolest spot, oakland down to 68 degrees. the dew point of 48. once the winds die down, which they do now and the skies clear out, particularly north and west of the city, temperatures getting into the upper 40s by morning. winds out of the west, brought an air mass into the region, now it's beginning to clear out. you can see the clouds through this afternoon shifting down to the south, let's look at that moving right across the region this afternoon, a little thin band, some of it developing off of the midwest and the great lakes probably give us a chance of a shower or shower activities and we need it again thursday night into friday. not looking for a lot of rain, most will pass across michigan, ontario and up to the north and new england. we have a chance. high pressure will build in over the day tomorrow and sunshine all day long, thursday nice day, thursday night, that's when the the clouds come in and the risk of just a couple showers. igor, category four, strong storm heading right a
in cumberland. 58 hagerstown to 73 pax river. the mid-to upper 60s in elkton and bel air and columbia. and 68 rock hall and 70 in kent island and annapolis. and all of this rain will continue to press our way up from the south and the slow pressure gets on out of here. and we have a few inches of rain. 2 to 4 inches of rain not even possible. we don't clear out the rain until tomorrow morning. it will be a larger total until you take into account, midnight to 8:00 in the morning high temperature, 80 degrees and thursday, another chance of a shower and sunshine and 72 and a fall like 68 degrees. >>> so you'll have weather in your way. here's sharon gibala. >> the weather is causing accidents and jams. we have a jam on 95 at o'donnell street because of an accident at keith avenue. and we have several accidents working and one coming in to us on the outer lupe on the south westside and an accident on 83 between middletown and mt. carmel road. and another crash between the inner loop blocking the right lane. one on 295 at arundel mills boulevard. another one on the westside. and one on the outer
minutes ago. and 59 elkton and 61 d.c. and pax river and naval air, 58. 56 in columbia. it's been 61 in d.c., minneapolis and kent island and 63 in rock hall high pressure controls the weather and it will be another beautiful day. we have an area of low pressure that's going to skirt through the south on sunday. it may send a shower our way, but i'm not ready to call sunday a bad day. 75 and pleasant and sunny. tonight, clear and cool and 52 is the overnight low and tomorrow, a high of 79 degrees and 75 sunday and a chance of a shower. don't write this day off yet. this is igor. who, by the middle of next week, will be in the middle of the ocean. curiosity not a concern. and we have a named storm and it's worth a mention. >> if you're getting close to commuting, here's sharon. >> well, we have an update on the accident on the topside of the beltway. we have a live look at it on harford road. two right lanes are blocked on the outer lupe. that's as you approach the accident scene and a second on the eastside. watch for that. that's on the eastside outer lupe. and another accident in the ci
at elkton. edgewood 58. down to 46 at frederick, and 45 at mchenry. here's the satellite imaginary. the clouds dissipate. there are clouds from the bay eastward. they are spotty. thunderstorms. the strongest of the storms have dissipated. we start letting this thing move east. the ravens will be from the mountains westward. the rain chances will increase. today looks pretty good. a mix of sun. eventually a few clouds drifting into the picture. i think we will see more sun than we saw yesterday. seasonnably warm. 77 to 81 the high. southeast winds. bolters in the bay can expect a northeast wind starting out at 10 to 15 knots, but diminishing, and insta-weather futurecast shows the rain system coming in. so during the day tomorrow, scattered showers. maybe a rumble of thunder in there. mostly just rain shower activity before dawn. there is a chance for it. so there's your sunday rain chance. 81 on monday. tuesday, wednesday, thursday all look dry with temperatures in the 70's. another rain chance in the week. >> patricia jessamy drawing new criticism. >> first, a look at last night's
this morning. this one in elkton. it happened at the u.s.a. sports club. the fire began early friday morning. automatic sprinklers activated and put it out. no injuries were reported. >> in our commitment 2010 report this morning, new financial reports due to be filed yesterday show the strength of political challengers in both the governor's race and the state's attorney's race in baltimore. i-team investigative reporter jayne miller has more. >> ehrlich has out-raised o'malley. in that baltimore states attorney's race greg bern steen -- bernstein continues his support to out-race jessamy mple -- greg bernstein continues to out-perform pat jessamy by a margin of 3-1. he has raised more than 70,000 in 19 days from august 10 through 29. most of the donations, according to the bernstein campaign, less than $100. each. that leaves a comfortable cushion. by contrast jessamy has pulled in 28,244 over the same 19-day period. the report also shows a $100,000 loan to the jessamy campaign. that's reportedly a personal loan jessamy is making to her campaign to help pay for her tv advertising that just
action. >> pooiie in elkton say new jersey doctors steven brigham brought the teenager to maryland for an abortion performed by doctors nicola riley and george shepherd. but during the procedure serious complications developed. foocing the doctors to drop the woman off at the hospital. >> women n americaaare not receiving the safe legal abortions, in fact, they are being butchered on a daily basis. if this happened under any other situation, people would have indictments against them right now. >> criminal charges have not been filed. but the medical licenses of doctors riley, and shepherd were suspended. dr. big ham who is not licenseed to practice in maryland has been issued a cease and desist order. >> if you support women, if you support human righhs, if you support consumer protection, ú%is is an outrage. >> tonight, the attorney general's office will not confirm nor deny its investigating the ase. jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00..3 >> we had another great weather day today. >> it was really great. ú%ntinuee chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with a look at the sky wa
, of a violent drug ring. he is 26-year-oll stephen blackwell of elkton. blackkell and 2 other women, tiara carter and joy edison, are in jail, facing a federal charge of conspiracy to distribbte heroin. now, according to the indictment federal prosecutors want toú seize $10 million in drug money from he trio. if they cannot cough up the cash, prosecutoos will seize real estate, whicc could include a $740,000 home, blackwell owns, on the elk river. >> if we do not do that, we wind uu n a situation wheee defendant may serveetime in prison, come back home and in dollars home he put in his family names. >> prosecutors say the drug ú%eration began in 2003 and %-york, and the dominican to new republic. prosecutors call it a violentt operation, with one of many acts linked to blackwell inn2009 when rivvl dealers opened fire at a barbeque. and aimed at many people. and people there took cover. >> it was bad man. bad. i didn't see eeerything. police and stuff were out there. >> blackwell is locked up in new york. prrsecutors won't say what led to the arrest. but say it is the result of a length
injured while undergoing an abortion. it happened last month, at this clinic in elkton. the cling's operator never had a maryland.o practice ahmed in dr. brighaa operatee many women services cciniis in baltimore city, college park, frederick and cecil county. ccmmitttnn abortions going back to januaryyof this year. perhaps earlier. then storing the remains of the aborred babies up to likes ever 35 weeks in a freezer. isn't that nice? deplorable. nobody knew abouu it.3 >> now two physician that is worked with dr. brigham and were involved with that abortion have had theii medical licenses suspended. include george shepherd and nicola riehl. >> she breached the standard of care. way they delivered the patient to the hospital. the way it was -- she was transported.ú hang over of the patient to the emergency doctor. %-received a delay in the requet to challenge the board's suspension. -> dr. riley believes she shoold be reinstated but we will not talk bout the case, as i said, we need more time. thatts what we told the board today. and they granted a cootinuance. >> maryland state b
. this will be beautiful weather. 62 right now. 93% humidity. winds calm. barometer's up to 30.19. 63 oakland and elkton. 65 hagerstown. 71 packs river. 66 in easten. almost 70, kent island. 62 columbia. 63 westminster and bel air. you can see the big dome of high pressure. that's going to act as a heat pump today and tomorrow getting temperatures near 90. this cold front as it dives into the region sends us into lovely conditions for thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, a great run of weather. we could use some rain. 90 will be the high this day. tonight 66, clear to partly cloudy. tomorrow 89 or 90, a small chance of a spotty thunderstorm. over the five-day, absolutely gorgeous. 76, 79. 82 and 83 degrees. here's tropical storm hermine. she is going to be moving right along the texas-mexico border. before not too long a big slug of moisture, unfortunately, not in a position to deliver us rain. take it away. >> thank you. let's check in with chairman at traffic control. >>> we cleared up one accident. the latest one is on the beltway the west side outer loop. we have minor delays. you can see the sens
, the hot side, spots 90 plus, 90 chester town, pushed '09 up toward elkton, gaithersburg you sure got into the mid-90s today. temperature-wise fallen off some, mid-80s, bottom line temperature-wise, warm warm evening out there, going to stay in the 80s for another couple hours, warm out to the west. back through hagerstown. temperatures not cooling off dra hatically, dulles still at 90, humidity high but getting higher as we get into the day tomorrow, hotter and even a little muggier. all right. he index values feeling like 95 in in richmond, 59 norfolk. hot, that's the theme. keep that goin' one more day tomorrow. finally temperatures begin to head down saturday especially sunday into monday. in the meantime we've got this hot air mass in place and it really not going to shift very quickly. you can actually see the jet stream riding north of that giant area of high pressure which is centered right over the carolinas and really just off the north carolina actually and as this thing just sits there the boundary with the cooler air bottled up to the north is going to hold. that's the bo
for a short time. 53 degrees right now in ocean city. we have 56 in elkton across the state over to the western edge, temperatures fluctuating a little bit. 45 in oakland and cumberland at our last check. 43 in the cumberland valley and across the state temperatures are fluctuating as high as 60 toward dc and the dc suburbs. right now the winds are coming in from the northwest in washington. a bit of a southwest flow near pax river. and we see a lot of calm readings across the state. 3 miles per hour winds toward oakland everyone else light winds or no winds at all at least starting off this morning. we're watching here low pressure moving in from the great lakes region and across the midwest. what we will see lift august cross the region shower activity, much of the heavier energy and these showers will lift north and wii. we really don't get a lot out of this. projections maybe a tenth of an inch out of this. but it will be widely scattered. we have very dry air in place right now. it will take a little for the moisture to penetrate the atmosphere. as it lifts through, we'll st
valley. we have 81 down on the shore. 93 in elkton. and 95 in hagerstown. what we're watching here are several things. of course, we have been relying heavily on these things here. this front is a boundary. we're expecting to push earl away. it is going to be the buffer that continues to push this system off to the east and lift it up and out of here. this will come through here with relatively no cons consequence to us. it's going to come through pretty dry. we'll see more cloud cover tonight into tomorrow. but after this system moves off, and earl continues to move away, we'll see a good bit of sunshine through tomorrow. what we want to draw your attention to here is that earl is expected topaz through -- to pass through. category 3. as far as hurricanes are concerned, that is considered a major category. category -- storm. category 3 and higher. right around noontime or so, it will be moving on through and up and into the northeast by then. again, we'll see an update now as of 5:00, when the national hurricane center issues its latest stats on the storm. right now, 125-mile-per-
. >> a small tornado in jersey. and ocean county, new jersey. >>> we saw some big storms in elkton that moved toward that direction. it was part of the very, very strong system. for us, shower activity around the region. take a look at temperatures around the region. 76. northwest winds at 8. humidity low. barometer rising. we'll come back and look at a nice weekend after this. >>> and wjz asked to see your purple pride. and you delivered. here's what some of you sent us to see the complete slide show. or to send in your picture, go to ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. >>> looks like a great weekend shaping up. pleasant temperatures. i guess that's the key. turn off the air conditioning out there. ideal temperatures. mid-70s. 74, ocean city. the warm spot. and it has been the last couple of days. 80 down at pax river. dew points, low at 55. another comfortable night. a little breeze now. that will calm down overnight. and the skies will clear out tonight, with light wi
in elkton. 84 pax river. and only 75. winds off the ocean down there. 79 in oakland. you go up the hill. down the mountain. in the valley. 91 in cumberland. we're talking cumberland into the valley, there's only about 500 feet sea level. this is quite a difference in elevation f. you've ever -- elevation. >>> if you've ever driven out that way, it's a whole different climate. southerly winds. that's going to keep the heat and humidity in for one more day. then we'll see a big change coming in as a front. looks pretty impressive. by the time it gets to us, it will be pretty dry. most of the activity will pass to the north. we will have a frontal passage sometime on noon saturday. behind it, it will turn dryer and cooler. as we said, most of the showers, passing well to the north. for the time being, friday, once again, a very warm and increasingly humid day. temperatures tomorrow will be close to the records. now, saturday afternoon, the front will go through. it will turn cooler, very pleasant saturday afternoon, saturday night. nice little breeze as well. now, let's take you down to th
. highest around 15-mile-per-hour gusts. and 21 up toward elkton. the storm tart starts to -- storm starts to move on out. high pressure is building in. budding against this very strong low pressure, earl that is moving out. winds will pick up here tomorrow. it's going to be breezy. but very comfortable. we'll talk about that in your complete updated first warning forecast. so now, back inside. >> thank you, tim. hours ago, hurricane earl moves past north carolina's coast. but it could have been much more. first warning weather coverage continues now with manuel gallegus, reporting for wjz, from kill devil hills. >> earl spared the outer bank a direct hit. but the residents rode out the storm. >> around 2:00 in the morning, it woke us up. water hitting the door so hard at the hotel. >> reporter: wind gusted more than 70 miles per hour. and driving rain pelted the coast. utility crews are busy, trying to restore power to thousands left in the dark. water surrounds many ocean front homes. little raven vance and her family woke up to find a wading pond right under their house. >> we had to pa
in the low 90s today. 73 at ocean city. 79 in elkton. dew point at 66. a little on the spiffy side. and tomorrow, it's going to be hot and humid pretty much all day long. winds out of the southeast. coming more out of the south and southwest tomorrow. that will really bring in the heat. all kinds of records set tomorrow. lots of places in kentucky, tennessee, the carolinas. 95 to almost 100 degrees in a couple of spots. pretty amazing stuff for this late in the year. >>> to our west is a pretty strong front. most of the activity, most of the rain, however, is going to pass to our north. the actual front will come through the region and shift our wind. drop temperatures on saturday. around noontime, i think the front will come through just with a few clouds. but saturday afternoon, the temperatures will start to drop as the winds go back to the northwest. a new, cool air mass moves in. saturday night be very pleasant. and sunday night, if you're heading out to the game here in baltimore. it will be pleasantly cool, football weather. only in the low to mid-70s. so the heat comes in t
/southwest winds at 10. the barometer, 29.95 inches. 92 elkton. upper 90s to our south. 81 in oakland. and 93 and 95. yes, unusually hot for this time of year. that's why 95 degrees ties the record. and that was set back in 1970. the average high today, if you can keep this in mind, is only 76 degrees. beautiful. the average low is 53 degrees. last night, we were 70 degrees. okay? that's closer to our average high. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] mcdonald's new chicken flatbreads. all out awesome combinations of juicy, grilled chicken topped with roasted garlic aioli and a natural four-cheese blend. mcdonald's chicken flatbreads. the simple joy of new discoveries. ♪ >>> coming up next on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. a school bus knocked on its side. six children taken to the hospital. wjz is live near the scene of the the accident. >>> a cockeysville native. >>> you're looking at a brown, marmarrated stink bug. these guys are hungry. this is the kind of damage they do. farmers are worried. >>> check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 st
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